About Jazzie Part1

I decided to share with you all about me what I am doing here and when it all started

I started 3dx aug 12,2018 for no reason at all to be honest and really almost didn't stay after some of the stuff that happened to me in 2 days!! Lol I suppose curiosity anyone who knows me knows I'm very curious!! Anyway I spent months running round this place exploring all sorts of stuff from clubs to different types of music to all sorts of sex everywhere I went.. I walked into a room one night and they were playing hip hop music I was in love I yelled out in local chat I love the music I had never spoken to anyone in the game let alone in local chat the dj came over and introduced him self to me and kept me under his wing I met so many people and was so excited to come and play here everyday.. I had 2 relationship got married go divorced as fast as I got married and then I met a group called SoS a dj group and was invited in because I supported there parties so much and they were so good to me then by luck the ceo gave me my first job party planning which I still do till this day in the meantime I made a dj club of my own called hip hop nation which is still running after two years.. I also dj edm and HipHop.  I made that club cus after meeting my friend who played HipHop he left the game and I think he took hip hop with him.. it's still not extremely popular but people are really starting to get a feel for it!! I'm also a BareBunnyand I love it.. I'm married now and I have been for a year and half.. Mr. Navarro stole my heart!! I have met the best people here tbh and have a great family also... and now my third job is here helping one of the best people in the game bring 3dxly for all of you to enjoy and I do hope you all are enjoying your time. So I am not sure if my characters are running out I have lot to say maybe in the next issue so until next time to da looo

Jazz Sweetness

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