Old Town by Necro

If you have ever tried to play with the 3dxchat editor, then you know how hard it is to do nice things with it. Today I took a walk in Old town, a small village created by Necro, and I wanted to share it here.

Necro is an experienced builder, he is obviously not at his first creation. 


"Necro: I just wanted to create place Id enjoy hanging ..

Necro: And there was really not room like this in game

Necro: Also should maybe mention that my friend Jenna and Genesis have done some of objects"


Here are some pictures of the village to give you an idea:



Necro with his meow friend SquishyRainy having a picnic :).


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Yamis 12 w

Really awesome and dedicated work. I hope to see that place open for the public. Best regards.

AnonDelivers 16 w

This does give a good impression of what that room's like. Truly one of the best ones ever built.