ORGY CLUB by Virtual Sugar

The place to be for people who like descriptive sex with likeminded people.

Do you like sex?

You like swapping and swinging, you like to watch and to show? You like group sex and orgies? 
You are bored of pose hopping in "fuck rooms" and orgy events that are mostly dance events?

Well, then you should join Virtual Sugar Orgy Clubnow. The Orgy Club provides exclusive events for descriptive players in amazing locations with like minded people in Virtual Sugar quality!


How does Virtual Sugar's Orgy Club work?

Here are the six steps to become a member of the club and be invited to events:

1) Be a Virtual Sugar discord member:

2) EITHER send Kemistry a PM (via discord or ingame) with the following information: - your complete Discord ID (Name#1234) - your 3dxchat ingame name - your gender identity - your preferred partners (female/male/all) Note: make sure to provide all of this information; your application may otherwise be delayed or ignored.
OR post this information in #orgy-club-chat on Virtual Sugar discord
OR join a Virtual Sugar event and PM the information to any VS staff

3) You will obtain the "Orgy Club member" role and have access to the restricted channel.

4) Orgy Club schedule will be posted in that channel, along with inscriptions. Orgies are limited to maximum 40 participants, and inscriptions are based on first come, first served. Participation is not mandatory; you register to those events you are able to attend.

5) We will balance each event's attendance, and we we reserve the right to invite additional guests or fill slots with non-members. We also reserve the right to reject inscriptions for parity or maximum capacity reasons.

6) Membership is not subject to interviews or tests. However, we will remove members that do not meet the following expectations:

  • Be respectful and courteous with all guests; leave problems and issues and argues at the door.
  • Consent is non-negotiable; No means No.
  • Be generous and share; you don't need Virtual Sugar Orgy Club if you stick to the same partners. -Be descriptive and creative; there are enough No Chat Cold rooms out there for pose hopping.
  • Make sure you attend or cancel early enough; You may have deprived another member from joining.
  • Be active; this isn't grandma's tea parlor.



Q: Do I have to attend every event if I join Orgy Club?
A: No. You have to sign up for every event separately. You can sign up for every event, you can sign up for no event and everything in between - it's totes up to you. 

What is the advantage of being member of Orgy Club?
A: Orgy Club members will be informed first about schedules for Orgy Club and have priority in sign up process. Only if the available spots can't be filled with members, we will open the event for non-members.

Q: Orgy Club is free of charge?
A: Ofc it is! Even if some of our escorts participate, they do so as private individuals. The will not charge anything.  But also Orgy Club isn't meant as a possibility to fuck your favorite escort for free! As said, escorts participate as private individuals and the rule "No means no" also apply here.

Q: On which days of the week will orgies take place?
A: We are still discussing this question but idea is to alternate between weekdays (Tuesdays and Saturdays) so every member has the possibility to join the events.

Q: There will be actually no dance floor?
A: No!




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