The Matchmaker; an overview of AnonDeliver's 3DXchat blind date experience

AnonDelivers set out to create a true random blind date experience in 3DXchat and came up with The Matchmaker. The Matchmaker features matchmaking queues for straight, gay and lesbian couples and a courtyard to spend some quality time with your blind date. This is the overview of his work.


The Matchmaker is a blind date show, but without the show, but it looks like one. Contestants from all over 3DXchat come over to see if The Matchmaker has something in store for them, too. The room states the following instructions upon entering:



The room was reworked; following a system of corridors, the Matchmaker now works with clickable rooms as its matchmaking mechanic. This allows for matchmaking for straight, gay and lesbian couples. The area behind The Matchmaker, known as the courtyard, is an area where the couples can have their date in relative privacy. The courtyard features a pool, two luxury homes, an big balcony with two private quarters, a sauna with its own bath, a terrace with a view of the ocean, and an underground cave (accessible through the pool). There definitely is no staff room, and who wants to go in there, anyways.



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